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Animation demonstrating the Storybook app’s basic functionality
Animation demonstrating the Storybook app’s basic functionality

Open source projects are a great way to get inspired — as well as to learn the best practices for frameworks like React. Undoubtedly, React is among the top frontend frameworks.

Vue and React have been among most popular and loved front-end frameworks throughout the second half of this decade. Kudos to the teams working on these frameworks, especially those working on Vue.js. Vue has done great job in competing with React and Angular, both of which are backed by big tech giants Facebook and Google respectively.

The Gist

There are many reasons for Vue’s and React’s prominence on the developer landscape, but before we dive deeper into their distinctive features, let’s briefly go over what the two share that makes them so much in demand.

Virtual DOM — instead of re-rendering the…

A collection of awesome and trending vue.js open source projects. The great way to get inspired or to start from a boilerplate already written for you.

Hello friends. It’s matter of fact that Vue.js is becoming the most popular front end framework. So, no need to go to the history and explain what is vue.js in this article. Recently I was working on a vue.js crash course and was looking for inspiring projects for demo as well as for hands on. I was surprised to see these amazing vue.js …

To make a long story short, here’s a quick check.

When to use Vue 3 and when not to

  1. If you need IE11 support: don’t use Vue 3, support is not there yet | Just kidding — Microsoft has finally thrown away Internet Explorer, so you don’t need to support it unless you have some legacy clients.
  2. If you are on a very large and complex existing project using Vue 2: You may not want to migrate to Vue 3, depending on your code, the migration time and performance benefits may not be worth it
  3. If you have performance issues even after some optimizations: Vue 3 is written ground-up…

Hello friends and welcome. Recently I started facing some pain in fingers and thus started researching about ergonomics. It is very important to be aware of and prevent the common health hazard in the office. I hope this story will encourage you to take care of simple but often neglected ergonomic concerns. Firstly, we will describe general office ergonomics and then focus on typing economics.

What? Did I say typing economics? Yes! You read it right. As you will realize while reading this story, ergonomics greatly affects your economics as well. So let’s try to scrape the surface of ergonomics.

Recently I noticed many people asking about auto-generating documentation for Kotlin Android projects, for example this post. Most library authors have been using documentation features of Android Studio for Java and amazed with how simple this was. But many are upset to find out that this doesn’t work for Android projects written in Kotlin.

In this story I will introduce you to Dokka, Jet-brain’s documentation engine for Kotlin. For anyone unlucky enough to not be completely free from Java, you’ll be pleased to know it also works with mixed Java/Kotlin projects.

Dokka is a documentation engine for Kotlin, performing the…

You’ve probably heard that web animations can improve the user experience of your web application. But do you know what you should be animating, and how to do that in Vue? In this series, we will explore what makes an effective web animation and learn the simplest ways to start animating your interfaces so your users can better navigate, and enjoy, your application.

Before learning how to animate in Vue, let’s understand why we should, by exploring how we can use animation to improve our user experience.

Directing Focus

Hello friends, found some really simple way to introduce machine learning to a newbie. I hope you will enjoy reading it.

Setting the Scene

Consider the following problem: you’re building a system that performs activity recognition for fitness tracking. You might have access to the speed at which a person is moving and attempt to infer their activity based on this speed using a conditional:

Hello dear friends. You are interested in installing Linux on VM most likely because your organization wants you to use linux or you are getting into modern DevOps, which usually works much better on linux than on Windows or Mac, but you don’t want to leave your preferred os — may be windows or Mac OS or you want to experiment with a new software without risking the host OS. Whatever the reason may be, Oracle VirtualBox provides an elegant way for running multiple virtual machines with different OSes on your machine. That too, you can seamlessly switch between your…

Yes, you read it right, we are going to implement a full fledged e-commerce solution in just a few hours. And we are able to do so because of the capabilities provided by Azure DevOps and open source world. Thanks to Vue Storefront and Magento — the former provides highly performant and customizable, full featured front-end for any e-commerce such as Magento, and Shopware and the later is a full featured e-commerce back-end.

Before we move further, I would like to thank Konfhub and Microsoft Azure for organizing and sponsoring Azure Developer Stories and also sponsoring 100$ azure pass for…

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